The Irresponsible Sandbox!

A collection of random stuff I'm playing with at the moment, typically some form of application design, CSS, JavaScript, Unity, Flash and other crap. There's no promise that the stuff here actually works in your browser, is socially acceptable, safe for work, made with recycled materials or won't eat holes in your teeth and browser. It is, however, a great place for you to see me do a complete and total face-plant with modern web technology.

Not that you'd want any of this crap, but all the code here is mine, owned by me. If it's mirrored to one of my github repositories, assume it's GPL or CC licensed and have fun playing with it. Otherwise, it's private licensed and ripping it will incur the wrath of a thousand angry, blood-soaked kittens. With lawyers. From Hell.


Javascript: Tactical Role Playing Game

Tutorial series exploring the construction of a TRPG using JavaScript and CreateJS.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Cinema4D: Cl4P-TaP

Practice modeling, rigging and animating a mechanical character.

Nothin' But Tiles

Site design exploring using nothing but tiles. It was for my wife. Ultimately, rejected.