About Angela

All about me and this site.


Taking pictures of the stars and stuff. That be Orion.

Orange Stripes

It's like a tiger. Only on her belt.

Wichita Mountains

Story of how we were mauled by raccoons.

Riana Pitched a Tent

Not Physically. Like a fit. Only less fun.

You've Been Deer-Licked

SLURP! mMMmMmm. You taste like grass... or maybe ass.

Tigger says "Whut?"

"Heh. Heh heh heh. Sup?"

Star-Spangled Twerps

This is what happens when you allow your Aunt to make you clothes.

Here comes the BOOM!

...Only narrowly avoiding turning the entire neighborhood to cinders.

Bow Ties Are Cool

The name's Graymist. Mario Graymist.